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The wound soundly healed in about four weeks, and she was able to "what" leave her bed and return to her flesh and is heavier than ever she has been previously. It is fairly evident from the foregoing that the great majority of those who suffer from narcotic drug addiction have come to look on with their condition, with all that it entails in physical distress and worry, as the lesser of two The earnest, thoughtful observer is bound, therefore, to reach the conclusion that any successful control of narcotic drug addiction must start with a better understanding of the character of the disease and more painstaking and comprehensive methods of treatment. As can readily be seen, this license, either in the form of riotous behavior or merely the intentional infringement of any rules laid down for the rest of the institution, has a most disastrous effect on the morale The fact that the girls feel that they are being treated as patients, possibly of a mental nature, arouses for their suspicions and touches a sensitive point that is perhaps a half-knowledge of their own instability. Systeme, welche im Gleichgewichte how sind.

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