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The novel bulb of this Syringe, when doubled upon itself, is shown in the cut, will cause no liuid to be left, as is so apt to happen with the einlauf ordinary bulbs, and when filled will contain just enough fluid for the expansion of tho vaginal foids. Deformities which could be obviated by simple reduction in the first instance can only be corrected The result of a direct blow upon the nasal bones from the front generally drives the.se i)ones inward, making the nose apjiear broader and imj)act be against the cartilaginous instead of the bony portion, same the lower icartilaginous) part of the nose is driven inward and separated from its attachment to the nasal bones. All her simple everyday duties loomed before her as insurmountable tasks: get.


CODEIA, ERGOTINE, ATROPIA, "stomach" STRYCHNIA, APOMORPHIA, etc. It is used by our embarazo leading physicians with never-failing success. The under surface of the medulla is very vascular, the gray matter of the cord help is hyperemic, the larynx is red, the spleen is dark red, the liver is congested.

After all haemorrhage from the abdominal wound has been arrested, and three or four sutures introduced in the upper angle of the wound, the ends of which should be fixed by forceps and the loops withdrawn from the "does" wound and retracted upwardly, the operator is ready for the uterine incision. The image seen upon the screen is that of the living, moving organs, and it gives data which could not be obtained from the photographic plate, such as the movements of the diaphragm, lighting up of the lung fields during respiration, the pulsation of the different changes of taking the heart and possible changes in the shape of dull areas in the lungs during change of position of the patient. Without good technique good and trustworthy results cannot possibly be obtained (with).

Mild shock is usually overcome by hot external applications, but in the del more severe cases more must be done.